The Lucky Swines are a rapidly growing group of people who get their piggs peake wines sent directly to them several times a year.

The benefits of being one of the Lucky Swines are self Evident. You save from between $48- $240 a case on the occasions wine is sent out to you. You do not pay freight costs, another saving. You do not have to pay membership fees. You are not obligated to stay in the group. You will have certain parcels of wine held back for your future enjoyment and you can ask for wines in short supply to be reserved for you.

Why do we do all this? Because we want to shut the cellar door. There is a cost associated with keeping a cellar door open. If we can shut the cellar door we can pass those savings on to you. Shutting the cellar door will also free up Steve to work in other wineries both in Australia and internationally so that he can a more global knowledge of the wine industry.

This will in turn further lift the quality of the piggs peake range while providing Steve with
a variety of ideas and techniques which he
can then bring together to make new and interesting wine styles.

So, become a Lucky Swine and reap the benefits.

Lucky Swines Membership Form (PDF)

The Lucky Swines are a very flexible group.
To enable us to hold your credit card details you must agree to take cases of wine periodically.

If you would like to become a Lucky Swine, please fill out the membership form and return by fax or mail to the winery. If you have any questions, please give Linda or Steve a call on (02) 6574 7000.

(02) 6574 7070